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We were over-joyed to receive a call this morning from the Palace informing us of the birth of H. R. H. (your suggested name here). To celebrate this unique and historical event, Mambo is offering friends an opportunity to come up with a name for our future King of Australia. When enough names have been collected we will forward them to the Palace to be thrown into the pool of names currently being considered. Early studio favourites are: Prince Jaxxon I, Prince Formerly Known As Prince, Carlos, and Prince Black Caviar II. Please note, names should be ‘clever’. Nothing vulgar. He is after all, just a baby.


The christ like figure you see here is none other than Sir Reg Mombassa, irreverent dictator and all round artistic idol. We dug up this old campaign shot to celebrate the launch of the Dog Trumpetwebsite, which is Reg’s band if you didn’t know. Click the link and check out just one facet of a true legends body of work, www.dogtrumpet.net


Goon Island from Chuck Edgeworth on Vimeo.


A couple of weeks ago, Mambo’s in-house art prodigies, Brent Smith and Lee McConnell held their show “Goon Island” at The Tate. It was a beer soaked night of bong jokes, art and laughs. Chuck Edgeworth shot and cut an epic video clip of the boys painting the main mural, with music courtesy of Mambo’s newest ambassadors, the Scallywaggs.

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Triple Olympic gold medalist and The Celebrity Apprentice Australia Winner, Stephanie Rice, popped into the studio today to thank team Mambo for painting the new art wall at Don Bosco House, as well as providing clothes and surf, skate and art lessons for all the Kids. While she has achieved so much for one so young, she took a caning on the Table Tennis table from the Mambo masters. Her technique is better suited to the pool …. table.


Mambo’s newest ambassadors, the Scallywaggs are a “trash can blues” rock twosome from mid north coast hotspot, Forster. The boys throw down epic, brain rattling rock and as you can see here, they aren’t too shabby on a surfboard either. Welcome to the team boys! #scallywaggs #trash #blues #rock #music #surf #art #mambo #punk